Airsoft Essentials for New Players

Airsoft Essentials for New Players

If you're getting into the world of airsoft, it is absolutely essential to have all the right stuff in your gear bag. There's nothing worse than being on the field and realizing you didn't bring enough BBs or CO2 cartridges. Or having a new red dot and can’t put it on your rifle, which would be easy to if only you'd remembered to bring along Allen keys. In this guide, we'll introduce you to some of the most important equipment for airsoft players—so you'll always know what supplies to keep in your kit.

Airsoft Essentials for New Players BBs Gloves Batteries Face Protection

Masks and face protection

A mask or face protection is a must. If you get hit in the face, you're going to feel it. It may sting for a couple minutes and you might have a bruise for a few days, but no big deal, right? Well, it could be worse than that. You get shot in the eye, which would certainly put you out of commission. And what if the impact was so hard that it knocked out some teeth? Or got under your skin and caused an infection? Either way, not fun!

So should definitely get some sort of mask or other type of face protection if this is something new for you—even if it just means wearing a mesh mask and goggles instead of a dye mask like I did when I started playing airsoft!


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BBs are the ammunition used to shoot airsoft guns. The most important thing to know about BBs is that they come in different sizes, weights and materials. The dimensions of each type of BB will be listed on the packaging or online description, so make sure you check before buying!

  • Weight: This is usually measured in grams (g) or grains (.0028 ounces). Heavier weight BBs like .36-.48  travel slower than their lighter counterparts but provide better accuracy. This makes them ideal for sniper or DMR players who want a tighter shot grouping at long ranges. Lighter BBs .20-.25 is ideal for pistols or indoor play while .28-.32g would be better for outdoors.

  • Diameter/diametre/diameter: This measurement refers to the size of the bb. Most plastic bbs are 6mm

  • Be cautious of the material of bb. They come in plastic, gel, metal and more, HOWEVER in airsoft, we use plastic 6mm bbs.

Also remember to get a speed loader to load up your magazines otherwise you'll be doing it by hand. And trust me... thats not easy.

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Chargers and Batteries

Batteries are one of the most important parts of your airsoft AEG. They're rechargeable, which means that you can just plug them into a lipo battery or smart charger but make sure you never leave your batteries unattended. It’s best to buy a lipo charging bag to prevent any damage to the batteries or worse, your home.

Green gas and c02

Green gas and C02 are 2 popular types of airsoft operating systems for pistols and some rifles. Green gas is highly pressurized and the most popular. You can buy green gas in small cans or larger tanks. It’s best used in pistols and for GBB rifles.

C02 is another kind of airsoft gas that uses carbon dioxide in a small canister to propel itself forward when fired from your replica. 

Plate Carries and Gloves

Although not required, plate carriers, chest rigs and gloves could provide some protection against the sting of bbs. I trust me- getting shot in the knuckle is no bueno. Is it essential? No, but you’ll definitely want it to be. Especially if you’re a new player. But if you aren’t looking to break the bank, a hoodie and some knock off gloves from Harbor Feigbt was always my go-to when I started.

The best way to have as much fun as possible playing airsoft is to be prepared for all scenarios.

The best way to have as much fun as possible playing airsoft is to be prepared for all scenarios. You don't want to be caught unprepared, so it's important that you plan ahead. If your game is going to take place during a hot day and you know there will be a lot of running around, consider bringing along some water. Likewise, if the weather forecast calls for rain or snow then make sure your gear is waterproofed or at least water-resistant. It may seem like common sense when thinking about these things beforehand but it's easy to become exhausted once the adrenaline starts pumping during an intense match!

And always remember to... say it with me now "Call your hits!"


That’s it for our list of airsoft essentials. We hope that you found our tips on BBs, gas and batteries, chargers and batteries, and masks helpful! If you’re still unsure about what type of gear is best for you or where to buy it from, feel free to reach out to us for more information on how to get started playing airsoft.