Custom Tokyo Marui Gold Match Hi Capa 5.1 - "Purple Haze"

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We couldn't help ourselves. We had to build a savage custom built hi capa. This custom TM Gold Match 5.1 is fully loaded with tons of upgrades, inside and out. 

What's in it?

  • CowCow Short Stroke Kit
  • CowCow Magwell
  • Nine Ball Hi Capa Grip Screw Set
  • CowCow CNC Aluminum 3L Hop Up for TM Hi Capa
  • Recoil Spring
  • Maple Leaf Bucking 70 Degrees
  • Laylax Inner Barrel
  • Guarder Enhanced Loading Muzzle

Whats on it?

  • Kens Props Slide
  • 5KU Charging Handle
  • Base Puzzle Trigger
  • Flat Trigger
  • Prometheus Outer Barrel
  • CowCow Threading
  • 5KU Sight Mount
  • Micro Red Dot Sight HPA
  • Omnivore Grip


Includes: A hard case and surprise patches


And hey - we have all these parts available on the website here if you want to build yourself one. OR if you're interested in any custom work, give us a call or contact us via chat, We gotchu!