PTS Enhanced Polymer Airsoft Magazine SHORT (EPM1-S) M4 Mid Cap

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The Details:

  • Dupont Zytel® polymer shell
  • 170 round capacity
  • Orange mag level indicator
  • High-efficiency compression spring
  • Perforated dot pattern 
  • BB follower so you can use every last BB

The Specs:

  • Color – Black & Dark Earth
  • Material – Polymer
  • Capacity – 170 airsoft BB rounds

Compatible with Tokyo Marui, KWA, G&G M4, VFC, including the HK416, PTS PDR-C, PTS ERG series, PTS Masada AEG, the AMOEBA AM Variants, and pretty much anything that takes an M4 mag

The PTS EPM1-S AEG magazine is a 20R length short M4 magazine that holds an impressive 170 bb rounds and offers the same reliability as the original EPM1, just well… shorter. A great mag if you go prone a lot.