G&G Knights Armament SR-15 and SR-30 AEGs

The G&G Knights Armament Series

G&G Armament has been a staple name in the AEG world for a long time. They built a reputation as the go-to brand for beginners with their classic rifle, the G&G Combat Machine Raider, known for being a budget-friendly workhorse. Their brand expanded and evolved over time, with instant-hit releases such as the ARP-9. The ARP-9 became an immediate classic, taking the close-quarter game by storm with its SMG frame and included high-speed G&G 'Ifrit' motor. However, you may not have known that G&G offers a personal favorite rifle of ours, one that competes with even the most elite guns right out of the box.

Say hello to the G&G Knights Armament SR-15 and SR-30 rifles, utilizing the G&G G2 gearbox. These offerings by G&G meet the need for an incredibly high-performance rifle without having to crack the gearbox open to add in your own expensive upgrades.

G&G SR-30

G&G Knights Armament SR-30

G&G SR-15

G&G Knights Armament SR-15

What's Inside?

Inside, you'll find a full steel tooth-reinforced nylon piston, a double O-ring aluminum cylinder head, and a double O-ring aluminum nozzle. The gearbox also comes installed with a set of reinforced steel G&G 18:1 gears spinning on a set of 8mm ball bearings (I can't forget to mention that the sector comes short-stroked 3 teeth to provide that extra snappy response). These replicas also come with the G&G 25k Ifrit motor, a personal favorite motor of ours that provides a noticeably improved semi-automatic trigger response. Pairing this with the G&G G2 Mosfet and electronic trigger unit combo that comes installed delivers an incredibly crisp shooting experience. The G2 gearbox shell itself boasts a quick change spring system and is pre-radiused and reinforced.

Other Features

These two rifles are fully licensed replicas of the Knights Armament SR-15 and SR-30 rifles sporting engraved trademarks on the receivers. The SR-15 comes with 5.56 caliber trademarks, and the SR-30 comes with 300 Blackout caliber trademarks.

Some more features on these rifles that make them all the more intriguing are an ambidextrous fire selector, a locking mock bolt, and empty magazine detection.

As of writing this article (October 26th, 2023), these rifles are priced at $408 for the SR-30 and $419 for the SR-15. A comparable rifle in this class is the VFC Avalon Samurai Edge, which costs almost $600.

The Verdict

Find the SR-30

Find the SR-15

These rifles offer incredible value and an easy out-of-the-box solution for players who want a high-performance gun, whether they are experienced veterans of the sport or new players who want something incredibly special to make a splash in the game.

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