ACETECH Raider with Bifrost Tracer Unit 14MM CCW

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The Details

  • The Acetech Raider with the new rainbow-colored Bifrost
  • Acetech's newest innovation is the 11 different multi-color rainbow "flame" function
  • Emblaze the BBs track into a rainbow-colored beam when firing
  • Intelligent power on and off controls: the tracer will power on by a simple shake and enter sleep mode while idle for more than 5 minutes
  • Made to support rifles that can shoot up to 35 RPS burst speeds all while still being brighter than ordinary illuminators

The Specs:

  • Length: 96mm
  • Diameter: 39.2mm
  • Weight: 150g (without adapter)
  • ROF supported up to 35RPS
  • Built-in LI-POLY battery with charging time of 2.5 Hours
  • Simulated rainbow muzzle flash