The DSG Build

The DSG Build - service

The DSG Build

Regular price $550.00

What you get:

A Full gearbox rebuild

This includes a deep cleaning, applying a radius to the gearbox, re-shimming the gears, and re-lubricating the gearbox components.

All required parts to convert your gearbox to a DSG

This includes an 18:1 dual sector gear, a metal tooth piston, an upgraded high torque motor, an upgraded piston head, an aluminum cylinder head, an O-ring air nozzle, high power spring, a steel ribbed cylinder, a tunable trigger, and upgraded bearings or bushings.

A Gate Titan mosfet

To power your DSG build, we include a Gate Titan mosfet, front or rear wired based on your replica. 

Prices WILL NOT be retroactively altered to accommodate for parts your replica may or may not already have installed. Our technicians will do their best to contact you before the service is started to alert you of any build changes based on what they find inside the gearbox. If you decide the service level is not right for you after our technicians have already opened your gearbox, there will be a $50 service charge applied to the order.