The HPA conversion

The HPA conversion - service

The HPA conversion

Regular price $100.00

What you get:

Installing the engine of your choice

Choose from our selection of HPA engines, and we will install it into your replica.

Installing any HPA accessories you'd like to add

You can opt in to add various HPA accessories to your build, such as the Amped IGL's, aftermarket trigger boards or FCU's, and adjustable triggers.

Please note, certain replicas will require custom length nozzles. Any required parts or changes will be added to your final invoice.

The HPA engine and any other accessories you selected will be added to the final invoice. 

Prices WILL NOT be retroactively altered to accommodate for parts your replica may or may not already have installed. Our technicians will do their best to contact you before the service is started to alert you of any build changes based on what they find inside the gearbox. If you decide the service level is not right for you after our technicians have already opened your gearbox, there will be a $50 service charge applied to the order.