The Level 2 Build

The Level 2 Build - service

The Level 2 Build

Regular price $400.00

What you get:

Everything included in the Level 1 service package

A High speed gearset

Steel 12:1 ratio gears. 

A Gate Titan Mosfet

This electronic trigger will either be front wired, or rear wired, depending on your replica.

An adjustable trigger

We include an adjustable trigger and will pre-tune the sensitivity to your preference. The color is also yours to choose. Add what color trigger you would like in the service application and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. In the event your selected choice of trigger is not available, we will contact you with the available options.

J-Cage Ball bearings

We will install precision J-Cage ball bearings to increase the speed, efficiency, and reliability of your replica. These are only included if applicable to your gearbox. 8mm and 9mm ball bearings available.

Prices WILL NOT be retroactively altered to accommodate for parts your replica may or may not already have installed. Our technicians will do their best to contact you before the service is started to alert you of any build changes based on what they find inside the gearbox. If you decide the service level is not right for you after our technicians have already opened your gearbox, there will be a $50 service charge applied to the order.