The Level 3 Build

The Level 3 Build - service

The Level 3 Build

Regular price $700.00

What you get:

Everything included in the Level 1 and Level 2 service packages

An upgraded cylinder head

This will be an aluminum double O-ring cylinder head. 

An upgraded air nozzle

This will be a aluminum air nozzle with an O-ring installed. The nozzle length will vary from 21 - 21.25mm depending on the build specifications. 

A R-hopped tight bore barrel

We install a Prometheus steel 6.03 tight bore barrel, with a barrel length to match your replica. The barrel will come 'R-hopped' with our very own R-hop patch.

A flat hopped upgraded AEG bucking

We pair the R-hopped tight bore barrel with a modify flat hop bucking.

A metal M4 hop up unit

The barrel assembly is finished with a Maxx Model M4A hop up unit. 

Prices WILL NOT be retroactively altered to accommodate for parts your replica may or may not already have installed. Our technicians will do their best to contact you before the service is started to alert you of any build changes based on what they find inside the gearbox. If you decide the service level is not right for you after our technicians have already opened your gearbox, there will be a $50 service charge applied to the order.