Airtech Studios KWA Ronin 6 PDW & TK45 IBS™ Inner Barrel Stabilizer

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The Details

  • An essential upgrade to give that extra competitive edge against your opponents. Make your shots count when it matters! SIMPLE UPGRADE - SCREW-ON INSTALLATION Once the Inner Barrel Stabilizer IBS is installed, the inner barrel from the hop-up to the muzzle end will be fully centered and stabilized.
  • PREVENT ACCURACY DEVIATIONS - TOO MUCH VIBRATION There are currently too much movement and play at the tip of the inner barrel which can obscure the hop-up spin on the BB Before it Exits the Rifle.
  • INCREASE ACCURACY AND A CONSISTENCY - COMPLETE LOCK-DOWN The IBS Inner Barrel Stabilizer Unit is designed to lock down the gun's inner barrel to prevent any axis movement at the muzzle and hop-up end which may cause major deviations and inconsistencies on the BB's trajectory.
  • ANYTHING THAT MOVES MUST BE LOCKED-DOWN - CONFIDENCE IN EVERY SHOT Do not let your shot deviate again from your enemy. Shoot with the full trust your gun will perform.