Full Auto Custom “King Midas” Tokyo Marui Airsoft Hi-Capa GBB Pistol

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The Details:

Custom built by Full Auto, King Midas is dripping in gold.

Base Gun: Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 5.1 Gold Match

  • Laylax Hi-Capa 5.1 Non-Recoiling 2-Way Outer Barrel
  • LA Capa Customs "Conqueror" Aluminum 5.1 Slide (gold) 
  • Dynamic Precision 125% Nozzle Spring
  • Dynamic Precision Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Blowback Housing
  • CowCow Stainless Steel Grip Screw (Black)
  • CowCow RAW Cocking Handle (Gold)
  • CowCow Guide Stainless Steel Guide Rod (black)
  • Pro-Arms 140% Recoil And Hammer Spring
  • Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 6.01mm Barrel w/ Hopup Chamber Set
  • Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle & Valve Set
  • Airsoft Masterpiece Recoil Plug (gold)
  • CoWCow Short Stroke kit
  • KF CNC Aluminum Grip
  • COWCow D01 Dottac Magazine Base
  • Nine Ball Rubber Gas Route Seal
  • Includes: Hard case, Built By Full Auto Patch