PTS Enhanced Polymer M-Lok Rail Segments

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The PTS®Enhanced Polymer Rail Sections™(ERS™) - M-LOK are lightweight low profile 1913rail sections, made out of one of the strongest and an EP series hallmark Dupont™Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer. The double chamfered ends reducesnagging and are comfortable to index against.Available in 5 different lengths: 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11slots.



-          Lightweight and low profile design

-          Specially made for M-LOK mounting system.

-          Sturdy reinforced polymer



  • Color – Black
  • Dimension –150 x 70 x 12mm (appox. w/ packaging)
  • Weight – 50g (approx. w/ packaging)
  • Material –Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer
  • Compatibility – M-LOK mount points