Custom Tokyo Marui Gold Match Hi Capa “Scorching Sun” a Build by ODB Airsoft

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The "Scorching Sun" is a custom Tokyo Marui Gold Match Hi-Capa built by our sponsor and hi capa builder, ODB Airsoft. Inspired by his Phillipino Roots, the Scorching Sun includes a Gunsmith Bros slide with a red blazing sun design, dragon scale grip, and gold accents, making this custom hi capa one of a kind. 

The Details:

  • Gunsmith Bros full CNC machined aluminum slide featuring a compensated front end and matching charging handle
  • High quality reinforced polymer railed frame 
  • Stippled Omnivore "Dragon Scale" Grip
  • COWCOW Match Grade T01 Magwell makes for quicker reloading
  • Airsoft Masterpiece Puzzle Trigger (Curved) 
  • Gold finished barrel, recoil spring plug, hammer, safety, and grip screws
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • 5KU Sight Mount with an HPA Micro Red Dot

Internal Upgrades:

  • CowCow CNC Aluminum Blowback Housing for TM Hi-Capa / 1911
  • Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle
  • Pro-Arms 140% Recoil And Hammer Spring For Hi-Capa
  • 2011 Trigger Ring by Airsoft Masterpeice 
  • Maple Leaf Decepticon 75 Degree Bucking For Hi-Capa
  • Laylax Nine Ball Tight Bore Hi Capa Inner Barrel 112.5mm /6.00mm
  • CowCow Short Stroke Kit
  • Guide Rod

Accessories Included: 

  • Case
  • Swag


Want to see this gun being built and perform? Watch his video below: