Speed Airsoft HPA M4 Standard Tunable Trigger (Purple or Green)

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The Details:

    • Full CNC Aluminum
    • Set screw for adjustable backlash
    • Precision sear and pivot pin
    • Colors: Green, Purple

Compatibility: For Polarstar Fusion, F1 and Jack HPA Systems. Wolverine SMP, Hydra, Inferno HPA engines

The new SPEED Airsoft HPA/MOSFET M4 triggers released are designed to work with Polarstar HPA conversion systems.
The SPEED HPA/MOSFET M4 triggers incorporates dual adjustment set screws which will enable a trigger pull under 1mm with ease. The SPEED HPA/MOSFET M4 triggers also includes a specially designed coil compression spring that reduces the pull tension, so players with the Polarstar systems can rip off lightning fast strings easily even in semi-automatic mode.